Cumin Craft


lackCumin is a specialized Communications Agency driven by passionate and dedicated professionals who use our skills and networks to fulfill the different needs of our clients, while ensuring that each service is delivered with the uppermost quality.

We service all Brand, Marketing, Communications, Design and Public Relations needs to clients who fall within the Corporate, Media, Government, Private Sector, NGO and Lifestyle sectors.

We know needs might differ, but believe that whether a company is big, medium or small – there is no such thing as in insignificant client. In order to deliver effectively, we make it our task to know each client as well as they know themselves, but with the added advantage of not getting trapped in the underlying conventions of how things are perceived to be done in the client environment. It’s only through immersing ourselves in who our client is that we can respond with ideas and solutions that are tailor-made for their needs.

BlackCumin offers the management of a company’s brand. This includes the analysis and planning of how the company’s brand is positioned in the market; who their target audiences are and how to target these sometimes niche audiences. Through effective brand management, BlackCumin maintains the desired reputation of the company. Our services include research on audiences, the development of good relationships with the various target markets, tangibles such us look and feel, the product itself, packaging and corporate identity to mention but a few.

An effective marketing, communications, media, branding and public relations strategy is the best approach to ensuring that a company attains its goals. BlackCumin works with out clients to create these strategies in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

If you expect your business to grow and prosper, employing an effective marketing and advertising strategy is key to realising this.
BlackCimin crafts successful Marketing strategies that are carefully researched, well thought-through and focussed on detail and execution. We make sure to understand our client’s position in the marketplace in order to be able to guarantee that we generate the desired impact.

In the often stiff and stifled corporate environment, most top management find themselves clueless about how to get their company to stand out and get noticed. BlackCumin crafts creative internal and external communications strategies, systems and activities that align operations from the inside out. Internal staff members are every level are led to speak the same language, which results in a scenario where operating in silos becomes a thing of the past.

BlackCumin prides itself in creating top-notch events from concept to completion. We take charge of all event-related requirements and logistics, including the creative, technical, hospitality, logistical and entertainment aspects of an event.

Knowing who yout target audience is and crystalising your marketing messages is one thing. But to be able to successfully design, create and execute a greate campaign that resonates with your identified audience, is an art that BlackCuin prides itself in. We deliver relevant, fresh and synergistic campaigns that delivere measurable ROI.

BlackCumin offers in-house design facilities to cater for all design requirements that any establishment may need. Whether its you CI, website design and development, publications, client interactions, presentations or a simple logo – we have creatives that are able to give you options that will bring your brand to life.

With over a decade’s worth of mainstream journalistic experience, as well as staff member who have many years of journalistic expertise, BlackCumin is perfectly geared to handle all our clients’ writing, editing, proofreading, copywriting and publishing requirements. Whether it is a simple press release, biography, corporate brochure, magazine, newsletter or a creative script, we deliver wordsmith services that beat all others.

BlackCumin creates and maintains press, media and stakeholder relationships on behalf of all our clients. We produce, distribute and promote pointed content that is expertly created to generate constant top-of-mind public and media interest for our clients’ brands, businesses, campaigns, events, products and personalities.

Projects very rarely achieve their desired goal if they are not well managed. BlackCumin knows that the discipline of planning, organising, motivating and controlling resources are all important for the purpose of bringing about the desired outcomes. We are able to manage our clients’ projects within the designed scope, time, quality and budget.